The Most Treasured Gifts

gentlenessI long for soft warm breezes that caress my skin, sunlit forests abundant with life. When I close my eyes, I’m lying in a field of fragrant wildflowers, with no worries upon me and nothing to do but listen to the song of birds in the nearby branches.



A stillness that speaks of life fully lived in the magic of the moment.

There’s a whole world that thrives in my imagination. With the simple closing of my eyes, I can be taken to magical places that nourish my soul.

I come home from work feeling like I’ve been beat up on so many levels. Now that I’m back in the job world, working at a high school, my nervous system is in major shock and drastic overload. Fluorescent lights, constant chatter, power struggles, colorful profanity — enough energy drain to leave me with barely a functioning brain cell by the end of the day.

Gentleness, in every way it appears, is the most treasured gift to me now. Soft colors, warm scents, little blossoms in the garden. Soothing music, warm water flowing over my tense shoulders, shared laughter, a cup of chamomile & lavender tea. A note from a friend letting me know she’s thinking of me, the first bite of a chocolate peanut butter cup.


Simple abundances fill my heart now.

I believe there are things we unconsciously choose in life that are there to provide a little bit of contrast, opening our eyes and hearts to simple pleasures often overlooked. Without contrast, life would be a series of monotonous moments, lacking depth and character. Perhaps I just create these thoughts to get through the rough times. It seems to help, though. :)

There’s always a bigger picture. This is what I keep reminding myself of every morning as I sip my coffee and prepare for the day ahead. I’m remembering to focus on the little moments of light that always shine through the clouds. The student who smiled and said “thank you.” Knowing that maybe just a little positive comment helped someone believe in herself.

It’s time to curl up with a good romance novel and let my fried brain go to complete mush. Yes, that sounds like a beautiful idea. The simple things.

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Caroline White April 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm

As always beautifully written Alia. Yes how beautiful & special are the little moments of light that shine thru the hustle & bustle & madness of everyday existence. Take care lovely lady & keep enjoying the moments of gentleness, peace & stillness. Here’s to the simple things! xx


Alia April 11, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Thank you, dear Caroline. xo


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