It’s Time to Live On Purpose


I don’t have anything new and interesting to say. Who am I to suggest what others should be doing with their life? I’m certainly no prime example for how to live a prosperous, joyous life. There are already so many books written about that topic. What if people leave mean comments? What if nobody buys it?

The economy is already so rough, people just don’t have the money anymore to spend on things like this. Online courses are just a fad, plus I don’t have the financial means to make it professional. Write a book: I’d never have the money to publish it so why bother? Do people really want what I have to offer? Am I just too old to start over again? Can I really support us by doing what I love and am good at?

Why did that person dislike my talk and leave that rude comment? Did I really do that bad? Should I just get rid of my blog? Does any of this even matter? Will I have to work at a job I don’t really like for the rest of my life? Does it ever get warm here?

Why do I always feel out of place? What’s wrong with me?

On and on the mental chatter goes…

This is just a sampling of the thoughts that creep up on me from time to time. They love to feed off of one another, spiraling into the dark abyss of hopelessness. Writing them down here is a tad embarrassing, and certainly leaves me wide open to the realm of vulnerability. I don’t think I’m alone here, though. Most of us experience these types of thoughts. Maybe not very often, sometimes on a daily basis, or just in waves. However they appear, the energy that comes with them immediately siphons our life force.

When my son and I moved to the States after so many years abroad, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I quickly began to believe that if I wasn’t on a magical healing island, people wouldn’t want to work with me anymore. Bali held the powerful energy — not me. Or at least that’s what I let myself believe.

That belief led to many more of a similar sort, until powerlessness took over. Every day a little bit of my self-worth chipped away, until I threw in the towel on my dreams and decided it would never work where I am now. I got a job making very little money, and figured that was it.

As I look around, I’m noticing how so many of us are just trying to survive. We see dreams as just that: dreams to keep chasing after, as if they’ll always be visible but out of our reach.

What if we were to take those dreams and turn them into visions of creation instead?

When I actively practice creative visualization, I’m amazed by what happens in my life. Things always begin to shift. The key word here is practice. My default (and very ingrained) thoughts and beliefs are not ones that truly support a life of joyous thriving. They’re more along the lines of lack and limitation. It’s a habit. The beautiful thing about habits is they can be re-routed into something new. It just takes a very conscious commitment to the process.

The process itself is quite simple. Sink into the silence and listen to the guidance within. Take action based on the inner wisdom that is revealed. Get crystal clear about it, envision it, use every sense you have to experience it happening right now. Be grateful for life as it is in this moment. Notice how every experience has led to your growth and expansion.

Know that joy is happening NOW. Celebrate the unfolding of your visions. This is so important to remember! We’re often so caught up in the next goal or dream that we don’t even notice that the previous ones have beautifully come to fruition.

Be grateful for all of it! Savor every moment as if it were the only one you’ll ever have.

I’ve been afraid to ask for the life I know I’m here to live. So many reasons contribute to that fear. Looking at my default beliefs has helped me to understand so much about my life. All those thoughts swirling in my head have been contributing to the asking, often in ways I’m not even consciously aware of.

What truly matters is this: We are here to live on purpose. 

I really am a powerful creator. We all are. It’s time to create new beliefs that reflect who we truly are.

I’ll begin right now:

I do have something interesting to say. By sharing my own life experiences, it reminds others that we’re all connected and not alone. I am an example of growing, expanding, and living every moment in connection with my personal truth. My book will offer another seed of love into the world. My worth is not based on the economy, a specific location on the planet, or comments from anybody else. I can support my family by doing what I love to do, and am creating ways to do that in this moment.

What beliefs are you ready to bring into your life? Isn’t it time?

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Caroline White April 21, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Oh Alia…I can so relate to this post….feeling out of place like I don’t fit in, questioning my self worth…those few paragraphs sound just like the mental chatter that goes on in my head but YOU lovely lady are one of the people who helped me to see how false these thoughts are…how they stop us from turning our dreams into, as you word it…”visions of creation” – beautifully said Alia.

I so believe in YOU and in YOUR dreams! Don’t ever give up on them! Can’t wait to read your book :)

Love & Blessings dear friend,

Caroline xx


Lindsey April 23, 2014 at 6:33 pm

Thank you for the inspiring post. You words are beautiful, honest and real. <3


Julia April 25, 2014 at 10:05 am

I have no doubt whatsoever that you are a powerful creator, Alia – one that so deeply touches each of us fortunate enough to meet your beautiful heart.

May you allow those clouds that stand in the way of your luminous light gently part.

This world craves and so needs the gifts you hold.


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