riskblossomWelcome. May this space serve as a soothing cup of soul chamomile, inviting you to exhale and find nourishment for your whole being.

There is an undeniable wisdom flowing within you and around you, softly whispering “It’s time.” Time to love every part of who you are, no matter what your past has revealed or where you are in this moment. Time to allow your unique creative signature to touch the world in ways only you can offer. Time to see beyond the surface of doubt and fear, and claim your beautiful, powerful purpose.

I invite you over to my blog to sink into inspiring stories and soulful musings. You may wish to have a look at theĀ personal session & program offerings, including holistic counseling & coaching, energy medicine, Reiki certification courses, and guidance for highly sensitive, creative women. Embrace the power of nature and come on by my shop, Soulroots Botanicals, filled with botanical essences for body, mind, and spirit.

We all need a sacred community of like-hearted friends to share in this beautiful, messy, wild ride called “life.”

May you feel at home here.