Into Dust


The wind and rain speak so loudly in this moment. So much has happened today. I knew when I woke up this morning, after a crazy dream state all night, that this would not be an ordinary day.

He’s in so much pain, wishing it was over.

She’s in labor, ready to bring a beautiful baby girl into the world.

He just got tests done to find out what his symptoms are really indicating. We wait for results.

Weird things are happening at work.

Other things may be opening up.

The unpredictability of life…

I sat down on the bed with my guitar, hand-scribbled lyrics next to me, and began to play. Not worrying about how I sound, or how off the notes are, I capture the essence of this day.

I usually don’t share what I record, but I remember Elizabeth Gilbert’s sound advice on creativity. Put it out there no matter what the result. Just do it, release it, and begin the next thing. So, I take a deep breath and release.

Here’s today’s voice memo phone recording of Into Dust. It’s a bit of a haunting melody, but easy to learn for beginners like me. :)